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Everything You Wanted To Know About FUNPOD

If you have any questions which aren’t answered below please don’t hesitate to get in touch

Booking Information
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Booking Information.

How can I book a FUNPOD using your online booking form? 

Complete the form, which is HERE – check the box to accept the Terms and Conditions of hire and your booking enquiry will be zapped across to our office. We will crosscheck the date for availability. We will email you back with confirmation of availability and an invoice for your deposit. Your date will be held for 7 days or until the deposit is paid, if sooner. Once your deposit is received you will receive an emailed confirmation of receipt and confirmation of booking. If your date is NOT available we will recommend an alternative supplier if we possibly can.


How much is the deposit to secure my date?

The deposit is only £50. We can accept payments either by Direct Bank Transfer or Paypal using your own account or Debit/Credit Card.


When do I need to pay the final balance?

Your final balance isn't due until one month before your booked date. We email your final invoice two months before your booked date to give you plenty of time.


Do I need to check with my venue first before I book? 

We keep a list of venue requirements here at the office so we know if a lot of the local venues can accommodate a FUNPOD or not, but if the venue is new to us and you need to check with them, the important information to give the venue is that the booth is 8ft long and 5ft deep, and we need access to an electrical socket – it is also a good idea to tell them that we have £5m worth of public liability cover and that we are happy to email them a copy of our policy before we arrive if they supply us with an email contact. 


Are there any hidden costs?

No. Not at all. Everything that's listed in our packages and the associated price for that package is complete. Nothing hidden. No extra costs. The price you booked is the price you pay. Even if our prices change. You pay the booked price, and not the new one.

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Your Hire Time

Do we need to collect and return the FUNPOD?

No – our staff bring it, assemble it and then take it apart and take it home at the end of your hire. You just have to turn up and smile! 


How many FUNPOD staff will be in attendance? 

There will always be at least one trained Booth Operator on each FUNPOD hire for the entire duration of your booking. This includes setting up your FUNPOD and taking it down. We want to make sure that everyone gets the most from your POD.


I’ve ordered a couple of extra features to my hire – are they complicated to work? 

The booth has “touch screen” technology and is fairly self-explanatory but don’t worry, your FUNPOD Booth Operator are on hand to help if you get stuck. 


How many people can we fit into a FUNPOD at one time? 

We recommend 6 to 8 people at a time - however if we deem that the participants are particularly "merry" we reserve the right to reduce the number of people allowed in at one time for health and safety reasons. We also reserve the right to refuse admission to any guest who we feel is inebriated to an extent whereby they may cause damage to themselves or our booth by entering in that state.



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How many photos are included in the price of our hire? 

Good news!!! It's unlimited. As many photos as you can fit into your booking. For every visit, we print a copy for your guests and a copy for your photo guestbook. And everyone can play in the FUNPOD as many times as they like.


Do we have to pay extra for props?

No – that's all included FREE in your package – our props include selections of hats, wigs, glasses and inflatables - so you and your guests can get creative.


How will we receive our Photos & Video Messages? 

Your photos will be uploaded to a secure password-protected gallery. We've got something special for you for your video messages. We now create a FUNPOD Mini Movie of all your photos & video messages and put that to music. This also uploaded to a secure gallery which only you can see - as the messages are personal to you. You can view and download all photos and videos to any device. We attempt to upload all gallery and movie items within 7 days of your event, this is not always possible during peak times.


Do our guests have to pay for their photos? 

Absolutely not. Your guests will receive one copy of their photos taken on their FUNPOD visit. If there are a few who'd like a copy, we ask them to take more photos. They can then try different props and backgrounds. And we get to fill up your photo guestbook with great photos and messages.



Is there a lower age limit to use the booth? 

Not as such – but remember that as this is a big, standing booth, children may be too small to reach the catchment area of the camera so you’d need to pick them up or stand them on something safe. Due to child safety laws we can't help your child onto chairs etc, nor be alone in the booth with them - so we politely request that when children are using the booth an adult member of your party is with us at all times. But as long as these requirements are fulfilled we are happy for the younger members of the party to join in as much as they wish during your hire time.

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